A new system for monitoring the formwork pressure during concrete castings

In connection with the project "Ny teknologi til anlægskonstruktioner (New technology for infrastructure constructions)", which is a tree-year performance contract (2012-2015) between the Danish Technological Institute and the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, a new system for measuring the formwork pressure during concrete castings has been developed.

In this new system, the development of formwork pressure is measured directly during the casting process using transducers installed in the walls of the formwork. From a practical perspective, the system represents a more simple approach applicable to all types of formwork geometry and material compared to other sensor-based methods traditionally used for monitoring formwork pressure.

The practical applicability of the system has been confirmed in connection with several full-scale trial castings as well as during casting of permanent structures as part of the on-going construction of the Metro extension (called "Cityringen" in Danish) in Copenhagen.


For further information, please contact:

Claus Pade, Team Manager

Concrete Centre, Danish Technological Institute

E-mail: cpa@teknologisk.dk, phone: +45 7220 2183



Installation of transducers_CMTTransducers for measuring formwork pressure are installed in the wall of the formwork prior to casting in connection with the construction of the new Metro extension in Copenhagen.



Transducer_Close upClose up of transducer used for measuring the formwork pressure. 



Transducers inside formworkTwo transducer as they appear on the inside of plywood formwork after installation.